Master the Writing Process

Write about any subject
Know your reader
Develop your style
Express your unique voice
Learn rules of rhetoric
Organize arguments
Study editing and revision
Guard your grammar

Success Stories

Paula is a great tutor and a writer and very knowledgeable. I was struggling with my writing skills, especially APA citations and formatting. She guided me step by step and went an extra mile to help me. She showed genuine concern and encouragement when I needed help. She also taught me many other important skills of writing. She has her own style of teaching, takes pride in her work, and stays on top of her field. I highly recommend Paula…Shumila Khan

During the three years I have worked with Paula, I have observed her competence and professionalism. She is an excellent tutor for her good nature and amiable personality, and her profound knowledge of the English language and various legal studies. Her own writing is sophisticated and well-versed and she demonstrates exceptional character through her writing skills... Christine Doherty

Paula Toth is a beautiful writer.  She writes from a place of wisdom--insightful and knowledgeable and aware. Her specialties include her observations on nature and modern society.  She's a pleasure to read and always makes the reader more aware and thoughtful of whatever the subject…Jack Flatley

When I was trying to write a difficult research assignment for Business Law 2, Paula helped me to form an outline and then organize my raw research. The information she shared helped me to write a much better paper…D.H.

I felt very comfortable communicating with Paula. Her skills helped me to be far more prepared before I started my writing…G.F.

Paula Toth has a professional writing style which is very detail-oriented, interesting, thorough, and fascinating.  Paula has a truly creative mind and it is so exciting to see what she puts onto paper!  Paula truly cares about the work product and helping students grow in their writing skills. She is an amazing woman and an inspiring writer...AM. Black

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